The “Alternative” Way to Dress

4 07 2007

So, with all the stuff about how we’re destroying the world like in An Inconvenient Truth, which I believe, I decided to to an Eco-post. I found a great place to buy things that are vegan, which has nothing to do with a climate crisis, but it’s still cool, and you do the right thing when you buy vegan and not leather and flats made of calf skin (can you say ITCHY??). The site is call and everything is vegan and even some T-shirts advertise it, hmmm. Anyway, I picked out the best shoes, shirts, and purses, which I will say again, are all vegan. The prices are great, too.

1) Steve Madden sm New York Castaa Black Vegan Espadrille Wedge – 51


2) Bungalow360 Lucille Peace Vegan Messenger Bag – 30


3) Gama-go Medium Bling Bamboo Vegan Tote – 24


4) Sugar White Jungle Flower Tee – 28


5) Groove Footwear Candy Navy & White Striped Canvas Vegan Flat – 30


6) Sugar Shoes Betsey Cat Batik Floral Gold Vegan Wedge





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