Fall Special: Jewelry from ShopBop

29 08 2007

So, I’m just going to use two words to describe fall jewelry. Dirty glam. Well, that’s a Juicy Couture phrase I  guess, but it fits. I believe Rachel Leigh and Kenneth Jay Lane have nailed this trend, so you’ll see a lot of them in this post. I could’ve put more in, but I thought you CAN have to much dirty glam. So only put one piece on. NO layering, do you hear me Nicole Richie, NOOOOOOO. But, you really don’t need me to discover “dirty glam” pieces on your own. One tip, though: studs are the perfect dirty glam jewelry, but don’t over do it. Oh by the way, most of these items are surprisingly affordable. So yeah, awesome.

1. Juicy Couture Heart Padlock Leather Bangle $68

2. Kenneth Jay Lane Zebra Print Earrings $62

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Dome Ring $143

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jazzy Jewels Cuff $68

5. Rachel Leigh Lucky Charm Hemp Bracelets $132

6. Juicy Couture “DIRTY GLAM” Torsade Necklace $178

7. Rachel Leigh Faceted Opaque Bangle $66

8. Rachel Leigh Chain Link Ring $48

9. Rachel Leigh Opening Square Resin Bangle $40

10. Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Ring $75

11. Giles & Brother Nail Head Ring $63

12. Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Cluster Ring $88

13. Fallon Jewelry Stud Ring $150





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