Now You Can “Explore”

30 08 2007

So I was looking to feature another luxurious designer website feature on my bloggity blog blog blog when I stumbled upon a random feature at This is probably one of the coolest features I have ever seen, because it helps you put together (if you’re buying) outfits or coordinating pieces. I can’t really explain how they do it. But you click on Explore and each time it’s random and there is one piece and 30 other pieces that are like it in color and texture and other stuff and if you click on one of those it will do the same thing for that piece. So I tried this about 50 times until I found the PERFECT, or almost anyway, outfit. Let’s see if you agree.

First, I clicked on: Scoop Mesh Clutch Bag $49 (steal!)

Then, I clicked on: 18th Ammendment Rogers Skinny Leg Jeans $211

After that, I clicked on: Marc by Marc Jacobs Emily Print Blouse $248

Then I went back (because they had so many cute things on that page) and I clicked on: Scoop Satin Ballet Flats $88

Then I went back AGAIN and I clicked on: Marc Jacobs Mariah Bag $1575

And then I stopped myself, thank GOD.





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