My Look From Day to Night

25 11 2007

Okay, so I recently started wearing make-up, you know, almost ALL the time because I recently got a job as a magazine beauty editor’s assistant, so I need to look my best. I decided on something very neutral for day, but when I go to parties with her, I need to look a little more, elegant, so I came up with this essential routine.

What You’ll Need (in order):

1. Stila Tinted Moisturizer


2. LORAC Eye Shadow in Moonstone


3. Sephora Eye Shadow Brush


4. Smashbox Focal Point Lash Building Mascara


5. Benefit Benetint Lip Balm


6. Benefit Bronzer in Hoola



Okay, first off, apply the tinted moisturizer to areas of your face that are bumpy. In case you were wondering, these are baby pimples that never made it to the grown up stage.

Next, brush eye shadow onto your lashline with the brush recommended above. Then, do your whole eyelid and the crease also. This will give you and incandescent glow. Also put the shadow on your bottom lashline and in the inner corners to give you wider eyes.

After this, use an eyelash curler (which is not listed because YOU should already have one) on your top lashes. NEVER NEVER NEVER DO IT ON THE BOTTOM. Then apply as many coats until your lashes are as curly and full as you want them. In the magazines it says 2 coats, but that is never enough for me. Place the mascara on your bottom lashes and sway the brush from side to side for one second.

Then use a chapstick, I recommend Burt’s Bees, to be a base for your lip gloss. Then, apply the gloss with your finger because that gives it a less hoochie look then if you applied it with a brush because then it looks like you’re fifty.

Then sweep the bronzer onto your cheeks with the given brush.

For night you need to add:

1. Lancome Le Krayon Khol Eyeliner in Gris Noir (which is grey in English)


Okay, so now all you have to do is apply the liner thinly to the upper lashline and cover mistakes with eye shadow. Then apply the liner to the inner rims and touch up any thing that needs to be.

Now you’re a supermodel in the making!




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