The Ultimate Gift Guide: The New York Work-a-Holic

17 12 2007

Hello people. Now I know probably all of you know at least one work-a-holic, and even if they aren’t from New York I’m sure these gifts will still apply. These are practical things they could wear to work, but aren’t the usual boring work wardrobe you see in so many cubicles now-a-days. I hope this inspires you to go out of your comfort zone. OH, I also need to tell you I got the clothes at

1. LaROK Sophia Jacket: Everyone will love this classic-inspired basic piece that will actually liven up an wardrobe, and hopefully were you work it is appropriate. Plus, it is LaROK, which has great quality stuff for a reasonable price.


2. Julie Haus Judy Skirt $281: This skirt is fashion forward and fun. Wear it with a tucked in white blouse, or a gray one if you don’t want such a striking look. Wear with high heels and you’ll be at corporate in no time.


3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Platform Oxford Pump $315: This is an office staple. You have to have oxfords because they’re dressy enough to wear to work, but casual enough to not care if the heel breaks, which is unlikely because the heel is thick anyway.


4. Bulga Zip Pocket Tote $825: Don’t mess around with anyone carrying this thing because they mean business. This ladylike handbag is not only stylish, but it can hold stuff from your Blackberry Pearl to a scented notepad.





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