The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Simplistic One

17 12 2007

Okay, this is probably the most common category for all of you readers. This category can be the easiest and the hardest to shop for. You really have to put some thought into it. At first, you think a simple tee will do the trick, but then you realize she probably has the most tees out of all the people in the world! This is a helper to pick out the right thing for the person you’re giving to.

1. Juicy Couture Velour Hooded Top $94: Juicy has excellent good quality basics, but is affordable enough to wear around town. She’ll love this comfortable and AFFORDable hoodie that she can wear with everything.


2. J Brand Cigarette Leg Jeans $159: These are the definition of basic jeans, but with a stylish skinny leg twist. This gift is definitely more popular with the 30 and under crowd, but it IS the perfect gift for a person who really likes good quality jeans.


3. James Perse Jersey Tank Dress $150: I was surprised that I could find such a perfect gift for someone to give to someone else. It will definitely make them happy. James Perse is a basic designer that celebrities like Nicole Richie go to for tank tops. If they are fashion-savvy then they will love this gift.


4. Jimmy Choo Loren Patent Pumps $560: These will be popular with any woman who likes to wear 4 inch heels. Plus the Jimmy Choo tag will make them a bit happier than just regular patent pumps I think.





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