Going on Vacation?

18 12 2007

Now even though it’s winter in some places, it’s summer in others. For instance, Australia. Yep, that sounds good. Here are some suitcase stuffers. (Ha ha, get it? Instead of STOCKING stuffers) Just in case you can to buy, I got these at shopbop.com because I’m too lazy to put the links.

1. Orla Kiely Etc. Shiny Laminated Stem Print Bag $170: This is the perfect beach tote and the sand will slide right off because instead of fabric it’s laminated.


2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Ribbon Bikini $158: Every girl needs a bikini! And this is extra cute with, well, ribbons. Marc really did well on this one.


3. Milly Bougainvillea Flutter Sleeve Dress $374: I definitely recommend this dress is you’re going to Hawaii or Costa Rica.  Oh and by the way, even if you aren’t going on vacation you could stay inside and PRETEND to be somewhere warm. That’s what I would do.


4. Cocobelle Alice Metallic Thong Sandals $85: These are a steal for less than a hundred and no, they’re not underwear. Still very trendy because we’re keeping metallic for 2008 baby!!!





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