Going on Vacation?

18 12 2007

Now even though it’s winter in some places, it’s summer in others. For instance, Australia. Yep, that sounds good. Here are some suitcase stuffers. (Ha ha, get it? Instead of STOCKING stuffers) Just in case you can to buy, I got these at shopbop.com because I’m too lazy to put the links.

1. Orla Kiely Etc. Shiny Laminated Stem Print Bag $170: This is the perfect beach tote and the sand will slide right off because instead of fabric it’s laminated.


2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Ribbon Bikini $158: Every girl needs a bikini! And this is extra cute with, well, ribbons. Marc really did well on this one.


3. Milly Bougainvillea Flutter Sleeve Dress $374: I definitely recommend this dress is you’re going to Hawaii or Costa Rica.  Oh and by the way, even if you aren’t going on vacation you could stay inside and PRETEND to be somewhere warm. That’s what I would do.


4. Cocobelle Alice Metallic Thong Sandals $85: These are a steal for less than a hundred and no, they’re not underwear. Still very trendy because we’re keeping metallic for 2008 baby!!!



The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Simplistic One

17 12 2007

Okay, this is probably the most common category for all of you readers. This category can be the easiest and the hardest to shop for. You really have to put some thought into it. At first, you think a simple tee will do the trick, but then you realize she probably has the most tees out of all the people in the world! This is a helper to pick out the right thing for the person you’re giving to.

1. Juicy Couture Velour Hooded Top $94: Juicy has excellent good quality basics, but is affordable enough to wear around town. She’ll love this comfortable and AFFORDable hoodie that she can wear with everything.


2. J Brand Cigarette Leg Jeans $159: These are the definition of basic jeans, but with a stylish skinny leg twist. This gift is definitely more popular with the 30 and under crowd, but it IS the perfect gift for a person who really likes good quality jeans.


3. James Perse Jersey Tank Dress $150: I was surprised that I could find such a perfect gift for someone to give to someone else. It will definitely make them happy. James Perse is a basic designer that celebrities like Nicole Richie go to for tank tops. If they are fashion-savvy then they will love this gift.


4. Jimmy Choo Loren Patent Pumps $560: These will be popular with any woman who likes to wear 4 inch heels. Plus the Jimmy Choo tag will make them a bit happier than just regular patent pumps I think.


The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Celebrity Relative

17 12 2007

Okay, so this is probably a rarer category, but I’m going to do it anyway. The question is what do you get a celebrity that already has everything? More stuff!

1. Devi Kroell Crystal Embellished Clutch $1,390: This clutch is perfect for a red carpet event because it’s totally toteable and the bare minimum for their iPhone and their make-up.


2. Tibi Sequinned T-Shirt Dress $990: This is perfect for them to go clubbing in with OTHER celebrities. They’ll be dressed to impress with this gorgeous yet expensive sequin miracle.


3. Christian Louboutin Bling Bling Platforms $1,375: They will love these shoes because they complete the collection of all their other Louboutin shoes. Plus, it’ll match all their gold jewelry.


The Ultimate Gift Guide: The New York Work-a-Holic

17 12 2007

Hello people. Now I know probably all of you know at least one work-a-holic, and even if they aren’t from New York I’m sure these gifts will still apply. These are practical things they could wear to work, but aren’t the usual boring work wardrobe you see in so many cubicles now-a-days. I hope this inspires you to go out of your comfort zone. OH, I also need to tell you I got the clothes at shopbop.com.

1. LaROK Sophia Jacket: Everyone will love this classic-inspired basic piece that will actually liven up an wardrobe, and hopefully were you work it is appropriate. Plus, it is LaROK, which has great quality stuff for a reasonable price.


2. Julie Haus Judy Skirt $281: This skirt is fashion forward and fun. Wear it with a tucked in white blouse, or a gray one if you don’t want such a striking look. Wear with high heels and you’ll be at corporate in no time.


3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Platform Oxford Pump $315: This is an office staple. You have to have oxfords because they’re dressy enough to wear to work, but casual enough to not care if the heel breaks, which is unlikely because the heel is thick anyway.


4. Bulga Zip Pocket Tote $825: Don’t mess around with anyone carrying this thing because they mean business. This ladylike handbag is not only stylish, but it can hold stuff from your Blackberry Pearl to a scented notepad.


The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Las Vegas Club Go-er

16 12 2007

Hey guys! Sorry sorry sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been busy with school, but I’m back since it’s winter break. Now, I know you can admit and so can I. I haven’t bought any gifts yet (except for myself). Let’s break down gifts for your girlfriends by what they like to do. I did as always get the clothes from shopbop.com, just in case you would like to buy them.

1. Alice + Olivia Mirror Shift Dress $695

2. Goldsign Misfit Leather Pant $790

3. Felix Rey Handbags Kitty Sequin Clutch $130

4. Alessandro Dell’ Acqua Robot Sandal





My Look From Day to Night

25 11 2007

Okay, so I recently started wearing make-up, you know, almost ALL the time because I recently got a job as a magazine beauty editor’s assistant, so I need to look my best. I decided on something very neutral for day, but when I go to parties with her, I need to look a little more, elegant, so I came up with this essential routine.

What You’ll Need (in order):

1. Stila Tinted Moisturizer


2. LORAC Eye Shadow in Moonstone


3. Sephora Eye Shadow Brush


4. Smashbox Focal Point Lash Building Mascara


5. Benefit Benetint Lip Balm


6. Benefit Bronzer in Hoola



Okay, first off, apply the tinted moisturizer to areas of your face that are bumpy. In case you were wondering, these are baby pimples that never made it to the grown up stage.

Next, brush eye shadow onto your lashline with the brush recommended above. Then, do your whole eyelid and the crease also. This will give you and incandescent glow. Also put the shadow on your bottom lashline and in the inner corners to give you wider eyes.

After this, use an eyelash curler (which is not listed because YOU should already have one) on your top lashes. NEVER NEVER NEVER DO IT ON THE BOTTOM. Then apply as many coats until your lashes are as curly and full as you want them. In the magazines it says 2 coats, but that is never enough for me. Place the mascara on your bottom lashes and sway the brush from side to side for one second.

Then use a chapstick, I recommend Burt’s Bees, to be a base for your lip gloss. Then, apply the gloss with your finger because that gives it a less hoochie look then if you applied it with a brush because then it looks like you’re fifty.

Then sweep the bronzer onto your cheeks with the given brush.

For night you need to add:

1. Lancome Le Krayon Khol Eyeliner in Gris Noir (which is grey in English)


Okay, so now all you have to do is apply the liner thinly to the upper lashline and cover mistakes with eye shadow. Then apply the liner to the inner rims and touch up any thing that needs to be.

Now you’re a supermodel in the making!

Fall Special: Shoes and What to Wear Them With

14 10 2007

Sorry for not posting, don’t ask. Anyway, this season’s shoes are ballet flats with hardware (preferably gold) and any boot that doesn’t look like it belongs in a Lands’ End Catalog. Also, wedges with a vintage twist, like suede, or an unexpected jewel tone hue. Let’s get on with it!

1. Minnetonka Moccasin Lace Knee Hi Boot $80

2. Dolce Vita Monaco 19 $100

3. Seychelles Adios Amigo $80

What to Wear ‘Em With: (these pieces should be seperate, do NOT wear shorts under a dress)

1. Lux Schoolboy Short (I own ’em) $58

2. Lux Metallic Dress $68