22 06 2008

Cheap Monday. One of the most original brands of the 21st century. Focused on providing clothes for the young generation. It started in Sweden in 2004 with a group of friends who named their brand after the most broke day of the week. It began with 800 pairs of their unwashed super tight jeans that sold out in a matter of weeks. Now they ship to 28 countries and have a larger inventory than ever before.

1. Cheap Monday June Shirt $65 – this shirt brings back madras, but in a modern way. pair it with a belt for an individual look

2. Cheap Monday Tight Jean in Original Unwash, Light Ice, Violet Ice, and Blue and Brushed $65


The Seventies Sequins

16 06 2008

Remember the days when Rachel Bilson would go to a premiere and be praised for her black sequinned mini-dress. If she went the to the premiere of shall we say, Wanted, now she would be ridiculed. Mutterings of, “So boring,” “Unoriginal,” or worst of all and the most cliche of all, “That is so last year,” would be heard. Since those sort of dresses are still coveted by tacky people in the valley when they see it on the racks at Express, I have decided to put together a list of a different kind of a sequin dress, MULTI-COLORED AND PATTERNED. I know, I’m crazy. We’ll see about that.

  • 3. Emilio Pucci Paillette Tank Dress $2,673: This dress may be small, but the different gold hues can put all eyes on you in a crowded room.

  • 4. Fendi Miniature Paillette Beaded Dress $1,860: This piece by Fendi has two trends, different colored sequins and geometric patterns. Both of these are a blast from the past.

  • 5. Jay Ahr Floral Metallic Dress $1,308: This silver and white sequinned number offsets a night of clubbing with the girly print, so you don’t look too much like a naughty girl

Homage to Ombre.

26 05 2008

Everyone knows that ombre is the trend of the season, and the season after that, and so on. It never goes away. And I’m okay with that because it is probably one of the most versatile prints ever. Have fun checking out these pics.

  • Behnaz Sarafpour Ombre Silk Dress – $1250: This dress’s cream color accents any skin tone, especially golden ones. It’s great for a night out or for work with a tailored blazer.

  • Rebecca Taylor Chiffon Ombre Dress – $345: This dress has a romantic touch a it switches from pure snow white to lilac.

  • Prada Ombre Patent Pochette – $175/month: This cream to pink clutch is a girly classic and is great for a night on the town.

My Inspiration #1

7 02 2008

Okay, right now I’m really into sneakers. And unfortunately a lot of them are too expensive for me, but I’ll keep wishing. I realize that my wardrobe can be composed only sneakers. Girls at my school (which I will not mention for my own protection) are always wearing the CUTEST sneakers, so I’m going to copy them.

  • ┬áVans Authentic Core Classics $44.95 – Cute, and for a good price. I own them in navy and would love to get them in these colors. They go great with skinny jeans!
  • vans-authentic.jpg
  • vans-authentic-2.jpg
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Season Hi $42 – These colors are retro, bright, and cheery! They look awesome tucked into tights or under skinny jeans!
  • converse-hi-top-orange.jpg
  • converse-hi-top-yellow.jpg
  • Creative Recreation Cesario Lo Prem $109 – These will define your calves and they’re futuristic in a fun and flirty way!
  • creative-recreation-cesario-lo-prem.jpeg
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox $90 – These are so chic and metallic is still one of the easiest trends to rock, so you’ll look really cute.
  • converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-ox.jpeg

Sporty Spice!

3 02 2008

For spring there is a theme popping up on the runway and the street. Chic, sporty outfits are being seen EVERYWHERE. Here are some examples from

1. Young Fabulous & Broke Baseball Jacket $185 – This windbreaker is fabulous and is surprising perfect for any occasion!


2. Ash Virgin Buckle Kick Sneaker $162 – These high-top sneaker are like Vans, except way more high-end chic.


3. Development Long Sleeve Zipper Dress $363 – This bubble hem dress has zipper accents that redefine the whole dress!


Love Me Some Bows!

21 12 2007

Now, I don’t know if I’ve been blind all fall or what, but I keep noticing all these designers have come out with stuff with bows. And, they’re all really cute!

  • christian-louboutin-anemone-stiletto-pumps.jpg
  • marc-by-marc-jacobs-emily-print-dress.jpg
  • by-malene-birger-bubble-hem-dress.jpg
  • mint-jodi-arnold-silk-asymmetric-top.jpg
  • Juicy Couture Lurex Mini Dress $328: As always, Juicy Couture never fails to impress me. This dress is perfect for any holiday party and would look great with a pair of opaque tights.
  • juicy-couture-lurex-mini-dress.jpg

Look Great at Midnight!

19 12 2007

Three, two, one… of course you’re excited! It’s almost New Years Eve and we HAVE TO start planning what to wear. Go for a more sophisticated look because you want to look sexy and sophisticated for when the clock strikes 12. You never know who’s eye you’ll catch…

1. Marchesa Strapless Cocktail Dress $2,163: This dress is shiny and chic, but not to a cheesy sequiny extent. It has just the right amount of metallic shimmer.


2. Jimmy Choo Lent Strappy Slingbacks $595: Okay, here is a tip. Do not wear a gold purse if you’re going to wear gold shoes and vice versa. You know I love Posh Spice, but the matching shoe-bag get up is just too 50s for me.


3. Jimmy Choo Cecile Satin Clutch $1,795: This is the most sophisticated part of the outfit. Go for a clutch instead of a medium-sized bag because you going to want to put your bag down at the party you’re going to. Unless you like champagne in one hand and a big thing in the other.


4. Zoe & Morgan Set of Three Bangles $320: This gold beauties will accent the gold shimmer of the dress without being tacky because of the decals.


5. Milly Animal Print Jacket $470: You’re obviously going to want to wear something to cover up on the way to and from the party. Strapless on the streets is a bad combination.